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Domain Name Registration

A domain name is your address on the internet. International domain names (.com) require that a search be conducted to see if the requested name is available. If available, the domain name must be registered with InterNIC of Virgina. Domain names can be registered for Canadian registered businesses (.ca) or for business registered in British Columbia ( Your address can also be free eg.: ( or
Secure Transaction Servers
Sell your product or service online with our "Secure Transaction Server". A safe way to send credit card details over the internet, using 128-bit encryption. How safe? Consider this: In 1995, it took a French graduate student using 112 computers, a week to crack a message sent with the traditional 40-bit encryption. Today, the US Defense department might be able to do it in a matter of minutes, but at 128-bits it would take the worlds most sophisticated hardware something more than the age of the universe to decipher the encryption!


Traffic Reports
Log analysis helps you to determine market trends. Our comprehensive reports include graphics and statistics on over 100 subject areas that effect your web site. Knowing the geographical location of a visitor to your site, to the time of day when your site receives the most hits helps you to strategically plan your advertising on the internet!

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Your web statistics are complied on a month-to-month basis or even daily if requested.  You can read and print your confidential reports through our 'Member Services' section.
Internet Market Research
Establish your global presence on the net using the Vancouver Internet home page as a vehicle to conduct your own market research. A banner sentence encourages visitors to participate in your customized survey. This aids in soliciting the necessary data to better sell your product or service on the internet. The final report that you receive gives you maximums, minimums, variances, and percentages in an easy to read format using colour tables, charts, and graphs.


Search Engines
The most effective way for people to locate your web site on the internet is to register your site with as many search engines as possible. We can list your site with over 900+ search engines!

Automatic Order Response Forms
Automatic order response forms adds a professional touch to your web site. Your customer receives instant confirmation on the quantity ordered and the total cost including shipping and applicable taxes. The order is then instantly e-mailed to you!

Database Design and Integration

Extend your business’s sales and service 24 hours a day-7days a week. Your most sensitive data is stored in a secure database, protecting your customers and data integrity. We implement a multi-level security system including authentication, authorization, and encryption. sql2.gif (2285 bytes)