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            Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt!



                                  So your trying to get me Pot of Gold eh?


                                                          ‘’Well your going to have to make your own map to do it’’


1. create a scavenger map leading to your treasure for example:




2. now place your treasure and some bobby traps along with some riddles and your done!!!!!!!!!!













                                    Valentines game

Hearts And Plungers






1.      No plungers are actually needed.

2.    Get a cardboard cutout of a heart and write down these numbers: 10,20,30,40,50 and 100 on the heart.

3.    Use only darts or sticks for the plungers.

4.    This is basically a dart game. The game will work better when you put the heart on some cardboard.

5.    You can make your own heart or use the printable one instead.

6.    The player with the most points wins. This game can be played team mode, two player or single player.




P.s. you don’t have to use the numbers we gave you, it’s just more fun with those numbers.