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Vancouver Internet hosted clients have free web based email. 

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Web Hosting Technical Settings
WebMail email anywhere anytime https://login.secureserver.net/?app=wbe
POP3 incoming mail server pop.secureserver.net
SMTP outgoing mail server smtpout.secureserver.net
FTP host servers ftp.vancouverinternet.com
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Additional domain names Domain Names 
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Email support: info@vancouverinternet.com
Telephone support: (604) 250-8236

Vancouver Internet administration would like to thank their loyal members who follow general net-etiquette, however for the few that misuse their Internet access, Vancouver Internet has instituted a zero-tolerance policy on the following:

1. E-mail Spam : Multiple, unsolicited e-mail messages or multiple cross-posts to newsgroups. This is often done in an attempt to advertise a product or service.  The result is only negative publicity.

2. Hacking Of Any Nature : Hacking is defined as any attempt to compromise the security of a system on the Internet.

Reports of the above actions will be traced by our Network Administrators, and the originating account immediately suspended. This policy complements the Terms and Conditions of Service. that apply to all Vancouver Internet accounts. If you have any questions about whether your intended use of the Internet contravenes any of these usage guidelines please call our Customer Service representatives or email the WebMaster.

Vancouver Internet has been serving Western Canada since 1995

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