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Vancouver Internet

                       Email Application

Standard Email package features:

* WebMail interface, retrieve mail anywhere anytime.
* Anti-virus protection for inbound and outbound email
* POP mail from multiple mailboxes into WebMail
* SSL encryption of mail to/from server
* 250MB of storage, with optional additional storage up to 5000MB
* 25MB file attachments 
* Email aliasing
* Catch-all
* Advanced rules functionality including auto-responders and filters
* Shared folders and address book
* Spell check
* Unlimited bandwidth transfer
* Online self-support tools 

E-mail Details
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Billing Information
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Organization name:
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Contact Information
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Street Address:
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Province or State: (Canada, or US use two char abbr.)
Postal Code:
Phone Number:
(eg. 604-555-1122 x333)
*optional* Fax Number:
(eg. 604-555-1122)
Email Package:
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Payment Method:

Thank you. Your request for an email address will be processed immediately.

Vancouver Internet Inc.
Email: info@vancouverinternet.com

Call: (206) 201-2784

Revised: March 2008

Payment Details
Payment Method: For easy payment options goto https://www.vancouverinternet.com/Apply

Vancouver Internet has been serving Western Canada since 1995

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