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Web Hosting
Our mandate is to provide exceptional web hosting and related services for the corporate and business community.  Hosting your site with V.I. gives you advantages over hosting through other ISP's.  One advantage is our name.  The word 'Vancouver' is often used in key word searches, thus our home page, and potentially your 'site', receives hundreds of thousands of hits.  Your web page enables you to have a free banner listing on the VI home page.  This helps you to maximize your advertising dollar!  You will also benefit from our lower costs in monthly hosting fees.  

There is no cost involved to transfer your existing site, and there is no down time. We include scheduled tape backup and anti-virus scans, power backup, 250MB storage, redundant servers, full 7/24 FTP or FrontPage access and more. Email for details to: info@vancouverinternet.com or goto the application form right now.

  Web promotion "The success of your site"
The next step after creating, and hosting your web site is to attract potentially interested visitors every day.  A successful commerce orientated web site can be said, on average, to profit a certain amount from each unique visitor.  Once a web site is found, people remember the URL (address), they re-order, tell their friends - all factors that benefit your web site.  The success of your site will depend on how you advertise, promote and market it.   There are many well known ways of marketing your web site.  The most effective way has been proven to be links from other sites, links from banner ads, and links from search enginesBanner advertising is seen often and can be placed in targeted locations to attract qualified buyers.

Our marketing department can provide you with a proposal concisely stating our methodology and strategy for your companies presence on the world-wide-web! This includes project phases like research, creative development, refinement of work, implementation and promotion of your site to the appropriate target audience.


Submitting to Search Engines
A search engine is a powerful computer that has an up-to-date listing of web sites around the world, and uses "key" words or phrases to find matching sites.  The biggest and best known engines include: Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, and InfoSeek.  A good way to promote your web site would be to enter your site in as many search engines as possible.  Vancouver Internet can submit your site to well over 900+ locations. Each search engine then usually sends a "spider" (automatic robot) to visit your site to confirm it's existence and to catalog your key words.  Your site will then be visible to the world, usually within a week.   Members can fill in an application for search engine registration via Web Options through Application Forms.




Vancouver Internet has been serving Western Canada since 1995

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